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Whether it's books, movies and series, games, history, specialized fields, academic content, school knowledge, animals, success knowledge, or just interesting facts about all sorts of topics: On Quizaxy, you'll find the best quizzes about them 🏅

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Whether it's the quiz of the day, a small group of friends, or a seminar with hundreds of participants, Quizaxy has the best quizzes for you.

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Just imagine! With Quizaxy, you can

discover new movies / games / series or sports, world history, and more
take a short break from everyday life with a quiz on your favorite topics
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At a glance

Chill out and discover

We have the best and biggest quizzes on countless topics from everyday life, series, games, sports, animals, countries of the world and much more.


Play quizzes with your friends, colleagues or against random players. Choose your favourite topics or random quizzes and discover the world.

Quiz challenges

Many quizzes have a tricky quiz challenge to play through. Collect medals for every challenge you complete.

Your own quizzes

Create your own quizzes quickly and easily and play with your friends.

In everyday life

Play the quiz of the day every day or with your friends, at parties, at university or during the seminar.

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Whether you're at home or on the go, you can break out of your daily routine at any time with a new quiz.

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Huge variety of topics

Each quiz is based on a theme: Whether it's a quiz about general knowledge, tornadoes or sloths, Berlin or the USA, flags or eras, we have it. Whether it's about books, movies and series, or school and study subjects, we have the quizzes for it and more are added daily 🌍

Many of our quizzes have over 100 questions: For many topics, these are the largest quizzes out there.

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Multiplayer against random players

Play one of the 6 random quiz themes against random opponents. The top 3 places receive Quizaxy points, and the 5 players with the most Quizaxy points per week appear on the leaderboard 🏆

At the end of a quiz round, you always see how well you did compared to all players of that quiz: How many points did others score on average and in what time?

Here you can find the ➔ Multiplayer

Quiz round against friends and others

Choose an exciting quiz and then the multiplayer via link. Invite your friends to join the quiz round. Simply share the link to the quiz round or show them the QR code, and everyone can join in immediately.

Whether it's during a cozy game night, during breaks, at parties, in lectures, in groups, or on social media: Everyone can play along via the link 👑


Choose one of the random topics and play against random opponents.

Simply click on the quiz to do so.

    Quiz challenges

    Can you complete all levels of the quiz challenges? Answer enough questions correctly in a level to advance to the next level ⭐⭐⭐

    For each completed challenge, you'll receive a unique medal in bronze, silver, or gold. Only those who complete every level perfectly once will receive a gold medal.

    Your medal collection can be viewed in your profile, depending on which medals you want to display 🏅

    Collect icons

    In some quizzes, you'll see many small icons that you can collect. Simply answer the question correctly when a larger icon appears directly in the blue question field, and you'll have the icon in your collection.

    In the overview of a quiz or the challenges of a quiz, you can view your collected icons.

    In the image, you can see the icons from the Caribbean quiz 🌴


    Choose one of the random quiz challenges.

    Simply click on the quiz to do so.

      Do you have your own great ideas for a quiz?

      With the simple editor, you can quickly create and play your own quizzes with whoever you want 💡

      Create exciting challenges with just a few clicks and add suitable icons for collection to your quiz.

      We create your quiz

      If you use the search function to look for a topic or quiz and can't find anything, you can also submit a request to us for a quiz.

      We put together the quizzes for you that interest you the most 😎

      Quizaxy in everyday life

      Every now and then, a quick quiz or level in between, and every waiting time turns into a gift 🎁

      A quiz reduces stress and releases good dopamine when you win or discover interesting knowledge. Quite the opposite of social media or news, which only want to make you addicted so you consume more of it.

      Get started right away

      We offer a brief tour of the pages that quickly explains everything important to you.

      When you take the tour, you can collect coins and silver 🚀

      Silver and coins

      Our digital currencies are Silver and Coins. In addition to many free contents, we also have some that can only be obtained with Silver or Coins.

      You can earn Silver by playing quizzes. It's also our currency with which you can get virtual ornaments and gems. You can get Coins on ➔ this page in the shop 🚀

      Gemstones and ornaments

      For every correct answer in all quizzes, you receive Silver. You can exchange Silver in the Market place for beautiful gems and ornaments to display in your profile. Can you earn yourself the largest diamond? 💎

      At the Uni

      You can use Quizaxy directly during lectures or seminars. Simply select the appropriate quiz with the corresponding chapter and send a link to the students or display a QR code.

      Each student can participate anonymously and check their knowledge. In addition, with 10 participants or more, you can see a grade distribution to get an overall overview of the students' knowledge 💡

      In class

      You can also use Quizaxy in your classroom. Check in just a few minutes how much your students have understood about a topic. The clear grade distribution will tell you how your class would perform in the test.

      Choose one of the countless quizzes tailored to the school material or have students create a comprehensive quiz for you once, which you can use again every year 💡

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