Infos zu den Quiz

Many of our quizzes are based on non-fiction books, websites, series, movies, games or other works that are protected by copyright. Quizzes based on this content does not constitute copyright infringement, as they are independent works. No copyrighted images or text passages are used. Furthermore, it is clearly communicated to the customer when a quiz is based on someone else's work: These quizzes are marked as "fan quizzes".

Publishers, authors, bloggers and content creators benefit from our quizzes, as our quizzes create an interest in the non-fiction books / videos / websites and thus new customers can be acquired.

We also work with authors, bloggers and content creators. Appropriate quizzes indicate this in their description.

The creators of our quizzes receive a revenue share, so they benefit financially from our satisfied customers. We are continuously expanding our range of quizzes. Therefore, we are always looking for partners to create quizzes - whether about our own works, general topics, or works by third parties.

We also have the option to let authors and content creators share in the revenue when selling quizzes, which benefits both parties.

Quizaxy also offers you the opportunity to draw the attention of potential readers or viewers to your works and thus win them over. Contact us! We will be happy to create interesting quizzes for your works.